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Potentially deadly weather is bearing down on more than 50-million people in the southern Plains and the Midwest. Forecasters say severe thunderstorms will soak and flood parts of Oklahoma and Kansas today, while fierce winds, including a chance of tornadoes, will blast Oklahoma and Texas. More than a dozen tornadoes were confirmed in central Oklahoma and West Texas on Monday.        Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is sticking with his decision to sign a controversial abortion bill as more in the film industry plan to boycott work in the state. He told the media yesterday that he knows some people are mad at him for doing it, but he did what he promised Georgians he would do.       Members of the House Democratic leadership are urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi to open impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Pelosi continues to resist the idea. Part of the argument for starting impeachment proceedings is to overcome the stonewalling the White House has engaged in as House committees attempt to conduct oversight of the government.        The head of the House Judiciary Committee is strongly suggesting former White House Counsel Don McGahn show up at a hearing scheduled for today. In a letter to McGahn, Chairman Jerry Nadler said the committee is "prepared to use all enforcement mechanisms" to compel his testimony. The committee wants McGahn to answer questions about his testimony in the Mueller investigation.        A bill aimed at protecting religious-affiliated businesses is moving through the Texas legislature. The Texas House gave final approval to the "Save Chick-fil-A" bill on Monday, just days after the Senate gave it the okay. The bill would make it illegal for governments to withhold or terminate grants, contracts, or loans to a business that donates to religious groups.        Wrestling legend Ric Flair is recovering from surgery. TMZ reports that Flair's wife said the procedure was a success, though she didn't say what he went under the knife for. The 70-year-old was hospitalized last week after suffering a medical emergency. The wrestler known as "The Nature Boy" has reportedly been suffering from heart problems over the past few months.