Federal prosecutors say two suspects are in custody for planning to attack energy substations in Maryland. The U.S. Attorney noted the two were arrested for wanting to "completely destroy" Baltimore. Officials say the suspects from Maryland and Florida were motivated by a racist extremist ideology.       Americans are feeling less confident about the economy. A new Gallup poll shows more than two-thirds of those surveyed expect inflation to rise in the first half of this year, while 48-percent believe stock market values will decline. A whopping 74-percent look for more interest hikes in 2023.       The U.S. is pledging help after a pair of massive earthquakes killed at least 25-hundred people in Turkey and Syria. Rescue and recovery efforts are underway as the damage is widespread. Meanwhile, there no reports of damage or injuries after a minor earthquake hit the Buffalo, New York, area early today.       Diplomatic fallout continues over the weekend shoot down of a suspected Chinese spy balloon. China accused the U.S. of using "indiscriminate" force in the military downing what it claims was a civilian weather balloon that strayed off course. China filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.       House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will talk about the looming debt limit crisis later today. The California Republican previously told reporters private talks with President Biden failed to produce a consensus. GOP lawmakers say they won't approve increasing the debt limit without spending cuts.       A nine-year-old boy is graduating from a charter school in Pennsylvania. David Balogun's instructors say he's incredibly intelligent and wants to go into astrophysics as a career. David has already completed a semester at Bucks County Community College outside of Philadelphia.